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You want to upgrade to the cloud, but you're not sure how. We help you take the next step, completely tailored to your company. We advise you about Microsoft 365, about VoIP telephony and, for example, working from home. With our help and support, you can be sure that you will make optimal use of all the possibilities in the cloud without any worries.

  • Full customization
  • 99.9 Uptime warranty
  • Available 24/7
  • Personal contact
About us

From workplaces to better security

At JouwCloud we offer you the opportunity to work as much as possible from the cloud. Our customers use virtual workplaces and focus the places in the office as digitally flexible as possible. We show you how you can take the next step and what is needed to move forward.

In the meantime we look critically at the security. So are you thinking of a VPN connection for your network or are you looking for other ways to secure data? We ensure automatic backups and help you keep inputs out with network security. With active monitoring, we keep an eye on the situation and we ensure that you can undertake carefree.

Full customization

We specialize in tailoring solutions that fits your business operations.


Because we work with fail-over solutions and 24/7 monitoring, we ensure that your company can continue to work.

Available 24/7

When you run full business in the cloud, it is necessary to always be able to call someone when the need is high.

Personal contact

With us you always have your personal IT specialist on the phone. So no call center or account manager but someone who can switch directly for you.

Our products

For Microsoft 365, VoIP telephony and working from home

So are you thinking of specific cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365, VoIP telephony or working from home? We help you analyze the current systems, show you how to take the next step and guide you through their implementation. In this way we ensure that you can move forward with your company, without having to make a large investment. We help you invest in the cloud, based on a fixed low amount per month.

If you are looking for better security, more flexibility and online options, that is exactly what we can help you with. We are strong in the cloud and in all cloud solutions that you want to combine with each other. Thanks to everything under one roof, you have a clear point of contact who is happy to explain what is possible and what needs to be done. We answer your questions and are available 24/7 if necessary, so that you are never alone in the event of an emergency.


Cloud services

If you are looking for better security, more flexibility and online possibilities, that is exactly what we can help you with.

Cloud services

We are strong in the cloud and in all cloud solutions that you want to combine with each other. Thanks to everything under one roof you have a clear point of contact, that you would like to explain what is possible and what should be done for that. We answer your questions and are available 24/7 if needed, so that you will never stand alone in the event of calamities.


Server Management

Thanks to our cloud solutions, security and better experience for your employees and yourself, you take the next step towards a carefree future. In the meantime you don't have to make a big investment. Instead, you pay a fixed low amount monthly, simply based on your needs.

Server Management

The cloud solutions effortlessly scales with your company, both up and down. So do you temporarily need less solutions? Or do you notice that you are becoming more successful and do you want to scale up quickly? We ensure that you are completely flexible. The solutions in the cloud adapt effortlessly so that you have complete freedom to do business.



The digital security of your company offers protection against Botnets, recognizes scans to make weak spots in your network visible and helps to avert web attacks. Moreover, we offer opportunities for log-analysis, DDOS detection and malware detection. That way you know for sure that we will keep an eye on everything for you, so you do not run any risks that you are not aware of.


You can easily use our solution from the cloud. This prevents a large investment in IT security. Moreover, you can get started right away with that. So are you curious about the weak spots in your IT security? Or do you want to prevent you from becoming the next victim of an attack by hackers or other malicious parties? We help you keep the problems out digitally.


JouwCloud: just well arranged

Are you looking for a specialist in cloud solutions that ensures that it is simply arranged properly? That is exactly what we are strong at for our customers. We ensure that you don't have to worry about it. And that you can work as you are used to, or even more flexible and more productive than that.

Our company is a satisfied customer at JouwCloud. We have had all our custom solutions done at JouwCloud. The professionalism they offer us and how we are helped deserves a 10. Above and beyond expectations. Super fast, always online, first class services and expert advice. We recommend your cloud on all fronts and stand behind their services.

At Abnormal we needed a reliable and professional hosting partner who could support us in all areas. We are a fast -growing company and need a partner who can switch quickly and think along. We found this in Uwcloud and we are very happy with the collaboration to that time.


Because we often had problems with our hosting party, we went looking for a professional party that meets our wishes. In addition to good communication and short lines, UWCLOUD provides customized solutions for every type of customer from our portfolio. The large websites are housed on a fully optimized package and the smaller websites are provided with a suitable solution. In short: we are happy with Uwcloud and our customers too.


Wij hebben sinds kort de hostingdiensten van JouwCloud en wij zijn er zeer tevreden over. De verhuizing verliep soepel en de klantenservice was vriendelijk en wij waarderen vooral de veiligheidsmaatregelen die ze hebben getroffen.


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