Cloud solutions


Workplaces no longer have a fixed location. A workplace is exactly where you or a colleague want to work at that time. With our cloud workplaces there is always and everywhere a virtual environment available with everything that is important.

You can always go to your data via a secure connection. That means that you also have all the documents and important information at your hand at home, on the train and even at the customer. From now on you work where you want.

Cloud solutions

Microsoft 365

Use Microsoft 365 to work (together) in the cloud from now on. It is the most popular choice for businesses, including the major applications such as Outlook, Word and Excel from Microsoft. It's the digital solution for companies that want to move forward and are looking to move their email, word processing and spreadsheets to the cloud.

Cloud solutions


For many organizations, backups are the most underestimated part of their IT infrastructure. That is unfortunate, because it is very easy from the cloud to ensure that files are still available in the event of calamities. So there is a disk crashing? Does an employee accidentally remove files that should still have been used? No worries, we have a backup available in those cases.

Cloud solutions


Website hosting is indispensable for every company that takes itself seriously online. The hosting guarantees availability, a short loading time and a strong online presentation. We offer hosting from the cloud, well suited for websites and applications. And do you have specific wishes for more professional options? We are happy to advise you on that.

Cloud solutions


Our active monitoring guarantees the highest possible uptime. We keep an eye on the systems and cloud solutions. This way we prevent any problems and malfunctions. With our monitoring we can already smother in the bud, often before you notice or have to deal with it. The result is a 99.9% uptime, so that you can undertake with confidence.

Cloud solutions


The IT infrastructure of your company determines what you can do digitally and how you protect it. So are you looking for professional security for a system that creates maximum possibilities? That is exactly what we are strong at. Moreover, we provide an IT infrastructure as a service. You can use it without large investments, because you only pay for what you need.

Cloud solutions


With our VPN service you choose a secure connection to encrypt data traffic. So do you want to work remotely and prevent malicious parties from gaining access to data? Too key connection, with a VPN that you can activate at the touch of a button. It is the easiest way to improve security so that you can work flexibly and safely with your company wherever you want.

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